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Health Savings Account Compatible Plans

Not exactly a separate “type” of plan, “HSA’s” are usually a PPO that meets the federal guideline for a HSA, including a high deductible.  They often have limited or no prescription drug benefits.  Owners of a qualified HSA plan may open a custodial account.  Dollars contributed to this account will become tax-free when used for qualified medical expense.  Beside deductible and co-insurance, dental, vision, glasses/contacts, prescriptions, orthodics, chiropractic and other care would be included.



Your tax is reimbursed at the end of each year.  Put that money right back into your account to help reduce your contributions starting in the second year.


Health Savings Accounts are more popular than ever!


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Useful Links:

IRS Publication 502 (2004) (Adobe PDF)

Eligible Medical Expenses.pdf




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